The Smell of the Sea

I recently had the opportunity to visit my home town of Duxbury, Massachusetts. One of my favorite spots to visit is the Duxbury Beach. You can get there by going over the Powder Point Bridge shown in the picture. As a kid I would walk across the bridge to fish, jump in the bay, and at times just to get to the beach. At low tide the smell was unmistakable. The mud flats in the bay were a perfect breading ground for quahogs, razor clams, and horseshoe crabs. The sandy beaches were amazing places to clam for soft shell steamer clams too! Once across the bridge, and after crossing over the dunes to the ocean side of the beach, the Cape Cod Bay and Atlantic Ocean spread out to the horizon.

When I went to visit this time and went to cross out onto the beach, the smell of the ocean instantly brought to mind the countless times I spent on the beach. I recalled memories of my childhood having family lobster and clam boils on the beach. I remembered times spent in the heart of winter watching massive waves crash on the beach and eating away at the precious sand of the beach. I recalled times spent walking with my mother and looking for sea glass amongst the rock piles created by the waves. I remembered standing chest deep in the surf casting a fly line in pursuit of monster striped bass with special friends that shared the passion. In an instant the simple, unmistakable smell of the salt air brought to mind a myriad of blessings and events that I will treasure as long as I am able.

God is truly amazing in that he has created in us the ability to associate a simple smell with such precious and diverse events in our lives. In Romans 1:20 Paul wrote “For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead…

In the same manner that our sense of smell can trigger vivid memories, when we encounter the created world around us, whether by sight, smell, or sound, we should instantly be reminded of our Creator God. Of His love for us. Of His eternal power and Godhead. Perhaps most significantly, as believers, we will remember the immeasurable gift of our salvation through faith in Christ alone.

The next time you smell the sweet smell of rain, see the brilliant colors of fall, or even hear the sound of waves crashing on a shore, you will remember Him.

Blessings in Christ

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