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My name is Tim King and I am a servant of Jesus Christ.  I came to know Jesus as my Lord and Savior in 1972.  Through trials, joys, triumphs and tragedy, the Lord has been loving, patient, gracious and merciful to me each and every step of the way.   I have been married to the most selfless, loving person that God has ever placed on the face of the earth.  For more than 30 years of marriage we have grown together and individually, seeking to find and be obedient to the will of God in our lives.  Our two sons recently graduated from college and both got married to wonderful, godly young ladies and will soon welcome our second grandchild. They all love the Lord and find joy in serving Him. The joy that my wife and I find in those blessings is immeasurable.

One of my other great joys is to teach the Word of God. I consider myself a student always, but a teacher as He leads.  The transition in my life, through the years of what seemed like obligatory reading and study, to now having a passionate longing for the Word has been amazing.  As He has called and equipped me to teach and preach, it brings me great pleasure to see others learn and mature in their knowledge, understanding, and application of the truths found in Scripture.

What is perhaps most exciting to me is looking forward to the eternal changes that lie ahead.  The changes that the Lord has promised to His children.  The blessings and joy of being in His presence forever, glorifying Him and singing praises for all time.  Eternity with Christ started the moment I accepted Him as Lord of my life.  The time is now though to get busy serving, evangelizing, singing praises, and glorifying him for this is the day that the Lord hath made!  Psalm 118:24


The views expressed in this blog are Tim’s, and not those of any church, company or organization.

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